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#372 - Waking up and finding your website isn't working. Still, I could always text holaholaamigos and wake him up...

In the excitement I've failed completely to do a WIDATW beyond Friday. So before I forget I'll get some thoughts down.

Saturday afternoon mainly invovled driving. An activity that at different times I both put up with and loathe. Thankfully despite the promise of the Highways Agency to bugger up the M6 J6 for the next 6 months (again) they haven't done anything more than put up some cones so far. This meant that getting to Leeds, to see grufti's new "house of bathrooms" and ant_girl, his gardener, was a relatively easy job. Despite attempting to wreck his new carpet by not taking my boots off initially it was a lovely visit to the quiet enclave of middle-class amongst a sea of council housing that is the development where he lives.

A quick pizza and it was off to Sheffield to see Mesh. Despite not being down on the list to take photos I did manage to sort out getting the camera in and got some pics. I've no idea what they're like because they're still on the camera. Slack I know - but perhaps it proves to everyone I am not quite as obsessive as I appear. Actually, it's probably just because I've got loads of others to do and they can wait! I thought Mesh were ok. About 1/3 of the set I liked and the remaining 2/3 was inoffensive. Lots of remix-fodder as skinfitz and I briefly discussed. Ben (WINOLJ) enjoyed the benefits of the blag and has promised me a review which is splendid as he's a great fan.

From Sheffield it was a humbug-fuelled race back to Leeds then out to Wendyhouse. The previous time I went I kinda enjoyed it - certainly I remember being impressed by the scale and some of the music/atmosphere - but overall left feeling a little hollow. This time was much better - mainly due to completely avoiding the main room and spending the evening instead in Mutate, involving an amount of time sitting on a comfy sofa, watching the underage eye-candy and chatting to nearly_everyone who seemed to be there. I won't single anyone out because I'll probably forget someone and offend them - but everyone was universally lovely even if the music did veer a little Balearic* towards the time we left.

Sunday was a very late start, a series of snoozes, a mediocre but very welcome lunch and a drive home. Then I think I did some more photos.

And today - I'm going on a dull training course. I just hope to $deity that I can get WiFi or 3G access for the sake of my sanity.

* This is probably wrong, but I claim artistic licence and you get the point that it went "dance" rather than "alternative".

Final begging point - though an offer of crash in Ilford has been made (thanks to jfs and feistyredhead) anyone have any smart ideas on the topic of crash space after STJ on Saturday for one/two house-trained persons? Options are being evaluated.
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