Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I slew the dragon!

No, not in the silly dungeon sense (in fact I was actually killed by "quondam the Dragon" on one occasion), but instead I've pretty much finished my photo-processing backlog. This means that all you enthusiastic people will be able to see my WGW pics from October 2005 and April 2006 any day now.

Actually, they're on my website but the LJ-spam will have to wait a bit as I've got a lovely saved draft on a PC that's currently in pieces. Also, it's not true because I have a couple of dozen pictures from Kryogenix last Saturday still on the camera, which is in the boot of my car.

Friday was "nothing much", Saturday was "too hot", Saturday evening was "too hot in Nottingham", Sunday was "too hot" and today is already "too hot". Does anyone have a spare £300,000 by the way? There are some lovely apartments in Switzerland I have my eye on...

Kryogenix was fun in its swanky new venue and good to see ayrton_nix and kissmeforlonger amongst the usual suspects, even though the heat did leave me a bit exhausted by 1-2am. The night could do with some more people, but in my experience the summer is often quieter due to heat/term-time/general apathy.

So now, I'm waiting to have my day disrupted by men with hammers. No, it's not the debt collectors or the fashion police, but rather the double-glazing installers. I have three days of trying to work in a house where the infrastructure is being dismantled and had a weekend of clearing a metre from each window. This has led to some "creative vertical filing" of my books and the accumulated rubbish of my life to date.

I need to downsize, again. Then take some more photos. The Chinchillas are not happy.
Tags: photo, widatw

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