Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Actually, not - because that's a whole different post which might take some time.

Rather a request for help. As some of you may now I have the pleasure of writing a technical news circular for schools. Part of this is "news items" and part is "more in-depth pieces". I need some help with topics for the latter. The format is "about 1000-1500 words" in the areas of "Networking & Wireless", "Hardware", "Software & Internet" and "Multimedia". Previous topics have included Augmented Reality, IPv6, Digital Cameras, 802.11 standards and PC Form Factors.

I'm inviting a complete brain-dump of ideas from all you lovely people about "things you'd want to know more about" so I can sift through and not have to have any ideas myself. Sweeties for the winners!
Tags: technews, work
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