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It's Friday, or as I call it "Ooops, if I am going to have any record of last weekend then I'd better get on with it right now before I forget it".

On Friday (that's last Friday in case you're not paying attention at the back) I went to a wedding. I am pretty ambivalent about them, but this of course was "business" and not "pleasure" - though that's no reflection on the crowd - even those who tried to talk LT at me. It wasn't too bad, except when I cocked up getting out of the M40/A43 services and ended up going "towards London" rather than "towards the M1" which led to a slightly longer trip in but fortunately I got there on time.

Part of the fall-out of my cycling trip was me breaking my rear windscreen wiper motor. Renault helpfully quoted £168 for the part and sensibly my mechanic decided this was a rather extravagant price and suggest I try a scrapyard. Me, being me, I tried the Internet and buy this Tuesday had in my hand a part for £30 which is much more in my budget. What has this got to do with Friday? Well it was one of the diagnosis visits as to "why my squirty doesn't squirt" on Friday morning that threatened to disrupt my journey. But didn't. Making this a rather pointless aside in terms of narrative. However it's still worth me celebrating finding a garage that give me any kind of bill under £20 for actually doing something.

Anyway, the wedding. It was ok. Of course I was probably the most nervous person at it - but eventually relaxed a bit, enjoyed the buffet, took 850 photos and then came home just in time to have the weekend guest arrive. In amusing synchonicity I was told we were both at the A43 services at the same time - though one of us was on the M1 and the other on the M40.

Friday night was fun, in a "not on LJ way"; Saturday involved shopping (my own personal Hell) and laughing at teenagers; then sweating profusely at Kryogenix in Nottingham where I took some photos though I've not looked at them. Lack of sleep meant I was very tired on the way back - and had my first proper caffeine drink in a couple of years - the emergency Red Bull. Which had absolutely no effect. Most annoyingly. However wie didn't die, though I wanted my bed - even though I needed a shower.

Sunday was very lazy, then a curry.

Then there was the week; some spending of money; some penile torture; some very bad pr0n and I found a job to apply for. Alas it's in London which would be interesting.

Finally I discovered how much debt my brother is in - very impressive effort on his part - now if only he could afford to pay it back.

Today is loose-ends followed by London for B-Movie. See some of you there I suspect.
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