Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I've just spent some time going through old paperwork at the parental units. Some quite memorable items have gone in the bin - like printouts from Tony Blews' old net.gathering site and lots of letters from purplewizard. I've put a huge amount of old Games Workshop magazines and some games in the "to be recycled" pile (though have kept some others for possible eBaying); found lots of stuff on old LRP games; thrown away Traveller, AD&D and WHFRP materials; chucked A-Level Papers, PGCE projects and paperwork for an MSc I couldn't afford; discarded an entire card Warhammer Townscape and found some old photographs where I look very young and much, much thinner.

I'm getting old. It was inevitable, so why does it come as a surprise?
Tags: lrp, past
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