Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Aaargh! Panic!

The panic is nearly over. In the sense that it's nearly Infest so if I'm not ready then it doesn't really matter. Of course, we're not quite sure how many cars we will take, whether various machinations will come to pass and how I'm going to be able to carry all the stuff to the Dark Arts stall that I was planning to take.

Hopefully, those of you Infest goers with money to burn will help me have a lighter box to carry back, because ~there~ I'm taking:
  • 60 8"x12" prints

  • 180 6"x4" prints

  • 4 A3 prints on board

  • 128 postcards

  • 250 business cards

  • 300 plastic bags

  • 300 backing boards

  • 1 roll of sellotape
If nothing else, anyone who does buy a print will take it home in a bag with a board. Just hope there are some of them!

Now, plenty of other things to do...

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