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Today's Meme

I am: trying to work out what I am.
I think: too much about somethings, and nothing about others.
I know: that I'm not quite what I want to be.
I hate: a few aspects of myself, and myself for hating myself, and so in.
I don't: ever quite believe things when they're going well.
I can't: sing.
I can: play games.
I will: probably never be what I want to be.
I won't: ever make complete sense.
I miss: my hair.
I fear: what might be around the corner.
I feel: too little.
I hear: my headache.
I smell: my feet.
I crave: attention.
I wonder: what happens after all this.
I regret: not doing some things years ago.
I love: concepts, not deliverables.
I dream: strange dreams, helped by cheese.
I long: to be what I want to be.
I care: too much and too little.
I always: say when I should think.
I am not: someone who sounds sincere.
I believe:
I sing: awfully.
I smile: in the majority of cases to manipulate people.
I laugh: when I stop caring too much.
I collect: MP3s!
I play: all the time.
I write: rubbish.
I await: what might be around the corner.
I cook: not as often as I want.
I trust: people too easily.
I intend: to one day do what I think about myself.
I search: for me.
I look: like I don't care about how I look.
I shout: when I care.
I whisper: as a way of exercising control.
I conquer: very little.
I listen: in as much as possible, but then I forget.
I ignore: stupid people.
I live: all over the place.

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