Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Fear and Loathing in Newcastle

I'm positively fuming, as I suspected I might be. I'm listening to a presentation, actually - let's call it a scare story - from CEOP. The presenter is telling me, rather badly, that looking at pr0n will make me a paedophile.

I am not claiming that it's not a serious issue and that real harm is done to children around to world because of child pr0n, but I resent being piss-poor attempts to intimidate and scare me.

Now I shall attempt to say something sensible in the Q&A.

My starting list is:

"How much do you spend on education as compared to detection/prosecution?"
"Do you believe that the problem can be solved?"
"How much evidence is there of translation from online into the offline world?"

More suggestions welcome.
Tags: fear, work
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