Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Over the last couple of weeks I've made a couple of hundred prints from my work with the idea of working up some kind of short portfolio, or four. In the near future I'll be putting them up online and asking for ideas about whether they work - but as an aside I'm going to try another type of shot.

Normally I'm reactive and intuitive with my photography rather than planned. This has given me a reasonable degree of success but I'm now at the stage where I'd like to do something different. So what I'd like from you, my slightly expanded fan-base, is some (vaguely serious) ideas for shots. They might be ideas (sunset) or more specific (me!) and I make no promises on timescales. But please shout with ideas, watch for the results over the next few weeks/months and I'll send you a print of any ideas I use and am happy with.

I've already got a list somewhere in the depths of LJ of people who were happy sitting for portraits (which I will get around to) and other ideas (some of which I might get around to) but don't be afraid to replicate/remind. More practical than "A tiger eating someone" if I was being picky though!
Tags: photo, todo
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