Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


... is too early to talk about the weekend so instead, something different.

I'm in a bit of an odd mood at the moment - I've been out for 24 hours at a procurement workshop where I managed to stay on my best behaviour for the first half, then drunk some wine with the VC of UCE and it went downhill. This morning I was saying what I thought.

I've also spent about £400 on two pairs of shoes. As I'm not a girl this is big news. Actually, most girls I know would probably take it seriously too. I'm a bit concerned about owning any footwear called Hot Rod Top Fuel though - sounds more like, well, I'll let you use your imagination.

While I try and get down to work - I've found a wonderful advert on MySpack for a personal trainer where they spend their time "... constantly re-educating our staff to ensure you get the best service possible". I wonder if it's a pleasant experience, or they'd be better off with some training.
Tags: skiing, work

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