Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


Work just about done.

Now I need to write a 150 word artist statement for a show. Any ideas?

"I am really very normal and just enjoy playing with my camera. I don't understand words like hyper-real and can't keep a straight face when saying Zeitgeist out loud.”

“My images try to be raw and uncompromising which seldom makes me any friends but is guaranteed to make an impact. I work in colour and black-and-white, depending on my mood. I like abstract shapes and adrenaline fuelled live events; and can use a studio as easily as I can navigate the crowded pit at a gig.”

“Intuition drives my work, whether that be in trying to seize a moment during three-songs-no-flash or working with models and dynamic briefs. I keep all the pictures I take and show the ones I like. Perhaps it's my taste more than my art?"

Comments? Thoughts?
Tags: artwnk
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