Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,


I did well - and lasted a couple of days without updating this - so cut me some slack.

Lapland is cold, skiing is pretty simple. "A Black? This isn't a Black" and the keyboards aren't quite as odd as the Swiss ones. In fact, the resort is really a hill, though they ski until 8pm under floodlights to make things more "exciting".

I have a couple of new bruises, mainly from falling down the stairs in the hotel (Ouch!!) and have only lost one ski once, which was thanks to complete idiocy in trying to pull off a 180-degree turn from backwards to forwards whilst going downhill.

Other than that, apart from getting a work phone call (from old-work in fact "You are in Lapland on work aren't you?") things are going pretty well. Got pulled across a frozen lake by some hyperactive dogs this morning (driven by manic quondam), and also intend to do reindeer and snowmobile this week. Wonderful yapping-dog mpeg to your screen soon - though I might take my camera up the "hill" so I might fall on it and break it in the meantime!

Plane due in about midnight Sunday I think, so with our luck don't expect to see us before Wednesday...

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