Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Welcome to Bristol, where the sky is grey

Ah - there's nothing like listening to a speech by a MP who clearly has no idea why he's here...

Anyway - curry last night was lovely - thanks to all those who came - plus those who left kind messages on LJ; and was followed by rescuing my bike from its temporary home. Now all I need to do is readjust the brakes. Hopefully after learning how to readjust brakes...

Wednesday I went to see Muse at the NEC, who were pretty much as expected. I quite like them recorded - where you can make out the individual instruments - but live any precision and clarity is sacrificed at the altar of LOUD ROCK NOISE - which I think's a shame. Review and photos might make it to the BBC at some point - and I might post some here when I've been through them.

There are two real reasons why I'm here - firstly to make a point of attending a conference where the content has no interest at all; and secondly to spy for my mother on how my little brother is doing. He's so far failed to get a proper job, so we each take turns into badgering him into giving up his dreams and getting a 9-5 office job. Not, I must add, very enthusiastically in my case as I'm a great believer in living your dreams - especially if you're a kept man by your TV presenter girlfriend.

I note with some amusement that the WGW Earlybird tickets have sold out. Unsurprising as I suspect there were only about a dozen... I suspect I'll go, to see people - I'll probably buy a ticket anyway as I shouldn't moan...

I've also been hitting a number of brick walls over photography. I've tried talking to bands about selling prints - but don't get replies; I get emails asking for retrospective control of images - which isn't wrong in principle but could be seen as a little naive. But yesterday I had an IM conversation with an artist who is being proactive - and had the conversation about how copyright and control works in photography before the case rather than after it. Whether they try or are able to use this - remains to be seen. If/when I reach some conclusions on this then I'll probably have a longer rant. Not right now though.
Tags: cycling, gig, music, photo, work

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