Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Ah - ebay!

The usual story - something I like with a ridiculous price tag. So ridiculous in fact that no-one at all has bid. This says to me that the starting price is perhaps a little too high for the market to bear. I let it expire then contact the seller...

Me: "Hi - I saw the xxxxx you had for sale didn't sell. I'm interested but thought the starting price was way in excess of what I'm interested in paying for such a piece. What are your plans for the camera sale now?"

Him: "hi there thanks for you email but its appears that the xxx to expenssive for you as you cant aford the starting price but thanks for asking regards"

Me: "Well - that's certainly one way of looking at it - another might be that the price is too high for the market! Do let me know if you decide to re-list or offer it at a lower price - where I might be more able to afford it. Thanks!"

In other news - Brummies are invited to go my artw*nk show at the Custard Factory Gallery for the next week and a bit.
Tags: artwnk, internet

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