Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

[GPP] Whitby Goth Weekend, 27/28 October 2006

Enjoyment ratings, in order of photos.
  • Oh dear. Please stop. The joke, like you, is old.
  • Good fun. Very good fun. Not challenging, and the previous guitarist was cuter.
  • Enjoyed more than I thought I would. Actually would bother seeing you again.
  • Interesting. Hmmm. Probably worth another look.
  • Getting better. Best live show to date but still prefer recorded.
  • Better than I remembered but not especially memorable.
  • Oh dear. The upbeat songs were ok, the ballads were terrible.
  • I didn't get it. At all.

Click on the thumbnail or the name for the full set.
Click for Whitby Band Photo Index (2004-)
The DamnedXPQ-21Vampire Beach BabesKatzenjammer Kabarett
The DamnedXPQ-21Vampire
Beach Babes
Trauma PetInertiaUninvited GuestXykogen
Trauma PetInertiaUninvited GuestXykogen

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Tags: gig, music, photo, whitby
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