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There's a frost on the ground

But actually it looks prettier on the trees. It's been a funny week - the closer I get to having to get up in the morning to commute to a place of work other than my spare room the more I seem to need to sleep. This is not a good thing.

Anyway - before all that I need to survive, if that's the right word, a couple of holidays. Terribly stressful I know - but I've forgotten how to pack, what I need, what I'm doing, where my old currency is... Plus I have to write 1000 words of electronic paper before I go.

Still, all that worry can wait until after breakfast. Which can wait until I've spent a bit more time looking out of the window at frost covered trees. Though I have this nagging feeling - what if the freezing fog stays - will my plane be able to get off the ground at all tomorrow morning?
Tags: holiday, work

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