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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Today is mostly working from Home...
Good night last night, not only was the plane not-too-late, but I discoverd the mysterious new entrant into the "Big Brother Whitby House" and was most chuffed.

Also, sorted BMovie crash space and now all I have to do is be organised enough tonight to pack for Intrusion tomorrow as well as a couple of days of suits.

Have got the first set of photos off the camera and they look good, more in the boot of the car. I'll post the URL when they're ready to view. Also have to install shniy new CLIE which is very very cute.

Unexpected highlight of the night yesterday was seeing the Northern Lights from the plane. We'd tried to catch them during the week, but the only times we were awake enough there was too much cloud. However, above the cloud cover, with the cabin lights off, the view was absolutely magnificent - a huge green shower snaking across the air just above the horizon. Apparently, according to the Japanese, this means I will have a male child.

Sounds painful...

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