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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Who are you again?
One day down.

The commute is long, but Radio 4 keeps me company.
The AUP is horrendous, but it kept me off LJ all day.

I have no phone, no laptop, no idea.
But I am determined to make something of it.

My colleagues talked about their children.
But I didn't rant.

The AUP particularly singles out blogging as something only to do if you want to be bodily ejected into the lake outside. I think this is a little bit unfair. I'm even contemplating buying a personal laptop rather than settling into a pattern of abuse.


In other news I've been skiing. It was in many ways the oddest holiday I've been on. The first week there was very little in the way of snow. Indeed at one point I hit a muddy puddle, left a ski behind and ended up covering my entire right hand side in mud. Not what you expect.

This was the week we chose to do an off-piste skiing course. Actually it was amazing amounts of fun. Even the day where it was raining up to about 1800m and we were skiing the same moguls over and over again in the pouring rain.

The second week was with some new recruits. I got some air (which felt like much "bigger air" than it probably was) and managing to score through the base of my skis in about three places - like they had been attacked by a very annoyed three-clawed bear.

The real tragedy I had was one of poles. Just before Christmas I bought some nice new poles. But they were stolen one lunchtime. So I bought some more not-as-nice-but-still-nice poles. But they broke a couple of days later. So I bought some cheap poles. Then the not-as-nice-but-still-nice poles were replaced - with a pair of an identical model to the original nice poles. Round and round in circles.

Sleep soon.

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2 lies or Lie to me
berrega From: berrega Date: February 2nd, 2007 09:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Doesn't sound like you'll be staying there long.
Sounds way opressive compared to what you are used to.
madkatsjournal From: madkatsjournal Date: February 2nd, 2007 11:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Last year I was turned down for a job because I had long hair and sacked from another job after 2 days for having an opinion and making it known [without reference by name or even implication] online.

I'd hate to be in a job in which I'm one of a hundred others doing the same job - that just makes you a pawn.
2 lies or Lie to me