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The best way to round off a week which was quite tiring was to relax to Oxford with a lot of lights, some jolly good company, approximately twice as many people as cameras - oh, plus a lot of chocolate.

I'll go through some of my photos later, but behind the cut is one I took of Chiara (WINOLJ)'s eye. What's most interesting to me isn't the eye, the make-up or the contact lens - but the reflection of myself in her pupil. Weird.

Anyway - take a look. Much, much more soon but first I'm away from home for another couple of nights thanks to w**k.

I'm also thinking of buying a laptop. I'm drawn to a MacBook Pro. Any Appleites out there want to talk me into spending more money than just the basic model - or advise me to wait a bit for any reason?

I am only looking at the 15" as the 17" is too big for what I want; or maybe just a MacBook with a bucket of RAM. It is, in practice, likely to remain my second machine as a desktop with 21" and 17" monitors is likely to remain my first choice for photo editing. I was also considering IBM/Lenovo but almost certainly not Sony as I've found their build quality to be rubbish.

Can you use Nokia mobiles as modems on MacOS? I'm assuming yes...
Tags: futility
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