Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Of all the things I've done in the last couple of weeks one thing I've not done is update LJ. This isn't really the slow yet inevitable parting of intimate friends, if not lovers; rather it's a reflection of how I'm having enough trouble reading that I'm not writing.

So what this means for you is that you'll continue to get major spamblasts of everything I can remember approximately once every two weeks. At least for now...

Looking back it's not actually been as long as I'd thought since I updated, despite the last one being rather self-indulgent and not at all interesting. Two weekends have (to be honest) passed since a proper update. I've downloaded a lot of Movies and TV, I've been to the cinema, I've played some LRP and I've had one of my eyes turn from white to red. And not this time in the name of anyone's grand design.

Movies wise, my crib sheet tells me I've watched the following:

Return of the King (too much time post-coronation edition). It's wonderful. I feel the urge to screech "Stupid Fat Hobbitses" at all my co-workers. Is that a good sign?

Hawk the Slayer. It's a film I keep expecting to get better. However, despite extensive research it's still not happened. Oh well, it's at least mirthful.

300. Once again, I proved my ability to enjoy a film solely based on how it looks. And I don't just mean the Oracle. It's an exceptionally well visualised movie and in this case that's enough for me.

Oz. Up to the end of Series 2, after a long break. My oh my. This is quite an interesting little series. It's frankly terrifying for the most part - and I must admit I like that in a television programme.

It's certainly more interesting than Lost which, despite one interesting episode in recent history, is getting a bit tedious. If I didn't have the obsessive-compulsive nature that drives me towards watching it all - I'd possibly have given up.

I could write something about Doctor Who and Life on Mars, but I've not watched them yet. I might even bother soon - but I've got Deadwood to investigate first.

Then, in the middle of it all, there was LRP. Maelstrom was good. At least, in the sense that the event went well, the people were pretty much without exception lovely. I could gush further but then the accusations of bodysnatching would start afresh. There are some photos - I really will do a photo post soon. They're not particularly impressive but are focussed on "giving people what they want" as much as "taking the shots I want".

And then finally there is work. It's not bad. Progress is being made. But it's slow. And I'm getting distracted. But I expect renewed vigour and desires to make things happen next week. I just have to survive the weekend first.

I'm sure I had something more interesting to say. Perhaps I did two hours ago when I started writing this. Maybe it was eulogising over Lightroom. Maybe it was enthusing about more LRP to come. Maybe it was about skiing. Maybe I just want to go to bed...
Tags: de-, film, lrp, photo, tv
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