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Therapy for Life
Intrusion Report
In the end boglin and ephraim decided that they weren't up to the trek south, so it was just lupercal and I to face the massed crowds of oxgoths.

The evening started ok, then lupercal phoned and said he'd left his mobile somewhere, so I had to try and give directions all at once. Curse those evil little radios! They encourage you to be slack about organisation and time-keeping - and I was, I must admit, astounded when he turned up at the right house.

Then we were off! Before I left work I printed directions - and left them on my desk. So, flying blind we actually got into Oxford and to the right car-park, after a short diversion across about 1 mile of bus-only lane. Ooops. Still, I got to meet Valley, and unlike the Golf I had she didn't start smoking when you turned the radio on which was good. However, on the plus side my old Golf never had the gall to play Faith No More either - always had too much pride.

We looked for the Wheatsheaf, where the locals were assembling, but in the end found an All Bar One which was ok, before seeking out the creatively named Cellar Bar.

As to the club itself - it was pretty good. Generally nice crowd, if in places a bit "young", and the music was a good mix, however the mistake of sitting in the side room meant all we could hear was Bass. I now know more than I probably need to know about another young lady called Sophie and her (lack of) affections for trout.

I had a little bop - but in general I think I left my dancing trousers in Brum, and by the end it was getting a bit too happy-bouncy-80s for my taste - but heh I never said I had good taste.

Missing out the stuff I expect will forever remain between lupercal and I which had us giggling, the two highlghts were the cheeky scamp in the car park and catching up with a very old friend from Southampton who I'd not seen for about 13 years who now works for Rebellion in Oxford.

Oh yes, the car park. When we got there it was full, but rather than give up we hung around for a bit. Hanging around the payment machines was a young scamp who was very helpful in spotting people coming back, dealing with the strange ticket machine and generally being of use. I even give a tip I was so impressed! See kids - begging doesn't work, but helping out overpaid IT workers on a night out might.

So, good night out, will recommned others come down at least for a couple of hours (it's only £3!) another month. Hats off to deeteeuk and sexy_sophia.

Now all I have to do is stay awake and try and find enough energy for BMovie this Friday...

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Current Music: Enya - Anywhere Is

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deeteeuk From: deeteeuk Date: March 12th, 2003 09:52 am (UTC) (Link)
I was happy you made it, just sorry I didn't get to chat to you more. As I said in my post, it was a manic night for me! See you again soon.
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kneeshooter From: kneeshooter Date: March 12th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC) (Link)


Wow! Are you going to try to be free for the next Intrustion too?
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4 lies or Lie to me