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Le weekend

Was mainly spent catching up. I've had a busy time and I've a busy time ahead of me. At least, with the exception of Infest and WGT (just small bodies of work then!) I'm up to date with photos and will be leaking them via LJ over the next week or so.

Beyond that, I think I'm back on LJ. Hello old friend. You've missed a lot. If not births and deaths there has been a marriage.

Assemblage 23, Electrowerkz, London, 19th August 2007

Assemblage 23 Assemblage 23
Full Set - Assemblage 23, London, August 2007

Revolution By Night Revolution By Night
Full Set - Revoltution By Night, London, August 2007

Battle of the Bands, Robin 2, Bilston, 20th August 2007

Sons of Spartacus Sons of Spartacus
Full Set - Sons of Spartacus, Bilston, August 2007

Crash Repeat Crash Repeat
Full Set - Crash Repeat, Bilston, August 2007

Pharaoh Pharaoh
Full Set - Pharaoh, Bilston, August 2007
Tags: gig, london, photo
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