Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Thief! Thief!

Whoosh - there goes my faith in human nature again.

I just stopped by the canteen to get some lunch - but I only had a crisp £10 note, and the man had no change. So I, and the man behind me in the queue, got to sit down and have our lunch after the poor stressed operator writes down on a napkin the amounts we owe.

As I finish my delicious, nutritious Pizza I see the other man get up, put his tray away and leave the canteen. So, basically he's stolen his lunch.

I, being a well brought up, if a little cheeky, young man, go back to the till and pay my tab now a bag of coins has arrived to allow me to get change back.

Sometimes I can easily hate my fellow man...

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