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There may be troubles ahead...

I've been in my current job a couple of weeks and at the beginning of April we're all being reorganised as all the ICT is centralised. I'm sure this is all pretty cyclic - central IT becomes too unresponsive, so departments build their own knowledge, which then reaches a certain size and is then centralised and so on.

I met today the new Head of IT - he's two levels above me, and reports directly to the big boss - and we had a chat. Unfortunately I think we're on different planets. I've tried to arrange a meeting with my Line Manager - but he's currently on leave. This might lead to a rocky few months while I work out who wins over my job - me or the supremo. We sat down and both said we were user focussed - alas he's never worked in the public sector before and I know my customer very very well.

We shall see...

Oh - but discovery of the weekend thanks to jessie_pup is allmusic.com. Fantastic!
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