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Had a meeting with immediate line manager today and feel slightly reassured, and as a result probably will get out of bed tomorrow.

I have however, spent too much money on CDs this week already - which will come back and haunt me soon no doubt.

However, the strangest thing today was talking an an estate agent...

I'm trying to buy a house, however so are many other people. I saw a house on Saturday which I quite liked that can become the "House of Lost Souls" for various lost souls in Brum. So, on Monday I put in an offer for the asking. So however did 2 other people. Apparently, having spoken to the nice lady at the estate agents who seems to like me, they actually want 10k more than they put it on the market for, and won't make any decision this week. Ok I thought and made a second offer, then reconsidered and upped it a bit closer to this "expectation". "No", said the agent, don't do that. "I'll put in your first increased offer than negotiate it up a bit".

I double-take and she confirms that I'm in the Twilight Zone "I'm supposed to act only for the vendor so this is off the record" - and gives me her personal mobile number. Finally she tells me I can always offer high then hope the surveyor and the mortgage company reject that cost and offer to lend me less - so I have to renegotiate with the vendor at a later stage. "And you can always pull out - but us Estate Agents talk and you don't want a bad rep". Apparently she thinks I'm a good buyer and wants me to find somewhere.

I've clearly got a store of good karma, probably from not writing all about lupercal and I at Intrusion in my LJ, as I seem to have an Estate Agent on my side. Now all I need to do is keep her sweet until I have somewhere to live. Oh, hang on, I'm not going to live there. So, until Dan and grendelchild have somewhere to live. And maybe others too if I get desperate for cash.

And while I probably will go to the March in London on Saturday - the member of my team who went to the last one isn't. He's already booked to protest at RAF Fairford that day...

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