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Friday was fun - nice coffee with nortysarah where we got to moan about how much LJ can work to destroy the tradition of conversation, then I finally found Temple tube station (my last effort some months ago was unsuccessful!) and off to Ilford.

I seem to now be able to navigate around Ilford which is slightly worrying - perhaps I spend too much time there. Met with jfs, we had a cosy dinner for two, then headed to the pub with forbinproject, ingenue_the and Alick before boglin turned up. Muchos Film Trivia which is always fun, and I'd just finished the "Dark Phoenix" trade paperback so was in a mood to fanboy...

While many chattered around me helped by wine, amaretto and carbohydrate I promptly fell asleep on the sofa, and was woken by dreamfire who was, with lupercal on their way down. Oh yes, the march. That's why I was there...

After a stop to buy some Middle Class Lunch at Marks and Spencer to Waterloo and cutietrol. So we walked a bit... photos (not good quality as taken with PDA) below...

boglin on train:

Wandering around:
Waterloo Bridge


London Eye

Actually kinda Big Ben

No idea...

Big Ben again - probably the best photo of the lot


King Charles Street

Downing Street

Lines of battle in front of Downing Street

Police waiting in rented vans for trouble

Approach to Trafalgar Square

The Ritz

No idea...

Approaching Hyde Park Corner

You know who you are...

Cute Police Horse

Then, back to Ilford, chance to catch poor Russian girls on TV, then M25 to Southampton.

Sunday was airsoft at Combat South, which was a lovely day, and lovely people and thankfully no macho bullshit. I even had a moment of glory leaping out from behind a tree and pelletting four of the enemy. Only got shot twice on the face two, one of which now looks like a zit.

boglin then despatched up the A34, while I enjoyed watching the video-game, I mean coverage of the war in Iraq before bed.

Yesterday I went to work, via another "meeting about where I'll be after the reorganisation". I was left dumbfounded that no-one seems to care about me and my team, and rather seek almost to criticise before I've even been there a couple of months. My current line manager suggests they're scared of me which is something to consider...

I was supposed to spend last night in Oxford, but got bored to came back to Brum which was lovely as I got to see the rats again and now can spend the day shirking from home.

Except my cunning plan to get all my work email forwarded to my home account has been scuppered by the fact that my home email isn't working. Bah! Telewest!

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