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First, the serious business of Memes...

what do you laugh at in yourself?
My inability to keep my mouth shut

what do you laugh at in other people?
Their stupidity - for a bit. Then it starts irritating me. That and "Them still staffing LT..."

Picture this: for each what do you see?
Broadway Tower
Oxford Castle
School playground equipment

Does alcohol change you?
A bit. It lowers my guard

Do you bear grudges?
As a rule, yes. I act like I've forgiven and forgotten but I rarely have.

Have you ever stopped talking for any length of time?

Nanotechnology - if it existed - would you use it?
Yes.When I think of real hi-tech I think of Iain M Banks Culture stuff. How cool it must be to take a pill and change sex...

What is the strongest memory conjured up by the thought of being in a crowd?
Going shopping in Birmingham after having been on Gathering setup/takedown far away from reality and feeling really oppressed by all these people in my space.

Man is a mad animal - agree or disagree?

Picture this: as before
Urban Living

Dance music


The Safety Store at the top of Bristol Road.

Are you a fan of rude word animal - if so have you invented your own or adopted someone elses?
Not really ever engaged with it.

is a
Caviar-Eating Giant Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 5.1

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat kneeshooter, enter your name:


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