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Hmm, so this is the big wide world of the LiveJournal.

I seem to now have another little icon in my desktop, and a small rat sitting on my shoulder (some people have angels and devils - I have rats...) telling me that after getting the code off boglin I should put my money where my mouth is.

So, to sum up my life so far - I've lived parts of it, I've cruised through lots of it, and at the moment I seem to be sitting here falling slowly asleep wondering if I'm bothered enough to take my jumper off so I don't feel so hot.

Anyone who finds this will probably be as intrigued as me by the 'Degrees of Separation' which can be unearthed by looking at the friends section - at least they would if I put anyone in it. But that's for later...

In conclusion (I almost typed "So" there but then realised I've already used that at the start of a paragraph) this is entry one. At least until I delete it.

What do you mean, you're supposed to write something of some substance? This is the Internet...

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