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Things I did today:

  1. Spoke to my insurance company about my car accident. The other party still, despite insurance company pressure, refuse to admit any liability. My insurers suggested going for a 50-50 split as that's probably all I'd get in court. Also discovered, as suspected, other party made no claim. My insurers say that if it doesn't cost them - I won't lose my No Claims. I'm considering what to do as it'll still be an "accident within the last 3 years".

  2. Did some work

  3. Kinda got CD from Amazon.com. At least, got a demand for £10.81 Customs Charge. I went to the Post Office to get it, but discovered that it's Wednesday. This was news to me as as it's my first day in the office this week I think it's Monday

  4. Did sums on my house-buying antics. Realised I'm going to be broke forever.

Just off now to watch Angel, and to try and cook without setting fire to Ian's house.

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