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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
I always feel like saying that just after spending money.

Still, I keep telling myself I can afford it, I've not blown loads of cash on a PC for almost 6 years and ... erm ... well isn't that enough justification?

So, my savings plan takes a hit, but I feel like that international playboy I know I come across as.

Hopefully it'll be here tomorrw, flagrantly ignoring the message about not getting personal stuff delivered to work, but on the plus side won't have my name on it as I'll be in London. The plan is it'll be picked up, put in a boot and driven to Birmingham. From there I can pick it up, work out what cables I've forgotten to buy, panic, stay up all night putting it together and then be half asleep during Clive's wedding on Saturday.

Back to work now I guess...

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Current Music: Sisters of Mercy - Possession

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