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Long Nights...

I had a long night last night, thanks to a new 'feature' I've discovered in Windows.

I've been having problems with my XP Installation - so last night I decided to fiddle with it, and reinstall a clean, fresh copy. Of course, this isn't done lightly and I thought I had it covered.

So I started by clearing some appropriate space off the Hard Drive, to create a new partition. This was fine - so I had now an amount of free space to create a new partition on the drive which Windows promptly used during set-up. Then I booted it, updated it and hurrah - it works.

Only - all my data is gone. And I mean ALL. I keep all my documents and stuff on a separate, RAID mirrored partition, so I thought I was safe. At this point I panic and give up on the idea of sleep. So I lie on the sofa every so often trying a new recovery approach, and then sleeping while it churns away. By 6am this morning I've found the data on the drive, and start to recover it back to the other drive. Phew. I've survived.

Then I realise why I got into this situation. Windows XP was very happy to create a new partition to install onto - but that made five on the drive - which I realised about 5 minutes ago isn't actually allowed - hence why the last partition on the disk - my precious data drive - has been "forgotten".

So, this weekend I will mostly be backing stuff up to CD and am starting to eye up quondam's CDR, and am getting in return that "You are not going near my computer with a screwdriver ever again" look.

Today is officially the start of a new, good week - after the shit last one...

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