Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Jessica Lynch

Some talk off another blog about Jessica Lynch (pretty, teen, American-as-mother-pie POW) - The Action Movie:

Even if it turns out that the site is indeed about the Miss NYC girl, it does not prove that the Lynch capture was genuine. Think about the official story: A 19-year old female soldier (we must not forget that she was good looking, white, and wanted to be a Kindergarden teacher) whose unit was attacked by the "evil" Iraqi's. They killed all the members of her unit but she fought them until she ran out of ammo (it will probably say somewhere that she killed 20 of her attackers or something outrageous like that). She was captured (though the media worded it "kidnapped") beaten, and possibly raped. But a "kindhearted" Iraqi civillian saw her, drew a map of the building she was being held in, and walked 5 miles to the nearest American soldiers to tell them where she was.
Does this not have Hollywood written all over it? I mean it sounds like a cheesy action movie.

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