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Throat Swab

Just went to the doctors about my throat. He was surprisingly helpful - not just "here - take these antibiotics" - and bothered to actually look and poke about a bit, and mentioned my glands are a bit up etc. Maybe laringitis apparently. Deep Joy.

Apparently, to determine if it's viral or bacterial I should have a throat swab - so he packed me off to the nurse. "It won't be pleasant" he warned. Reception tried to save me by directing me to the wrong floor, but eventually I found the nurse. "It's not unpleasant" she said. Then she scraped a cotton bud down the back of my throat.

This WAS quite unpleasant. I proceeded to spend the next 3 minutes coughing rather painfully and thinking quite seriously about vomitting.

Now I have to wait until Tuesday to find out what's going on. "Avoid smokey environments" the doc said. So, I'll be spending Whitby on the beach getting snowed on then...
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