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Hmm, a rather mixed day is almost at a close. Firstly there was yet another dull day in London at another meeting where my boss doesn't smile (but was there and gave me a _look_ everytime I contributed); and where I get to be the poorest paid person in the room :-)

Finally got back into Birmingham at 7:30, almost dead on 12 hours after I left, then rushed around to see Kit who'd brought home the new PC bits I ordered (well, more like a new PC actually). Unpacking with enthusiasm I realised she'd only picked up one box of the two - so I was missing.... the case.


Still, I attacked my old PC case with gusto and soon had a new motherboard, Athlon, heatsink etc. in the old box. Much to my surprise after having drunk 1/2 a bottle of Sake, it all seems to work.

Now I have the choice - mess about further or wait until I set up the RAID drives in the new case when I get it from work. I might be arsed enough to drive into the office tomorrow morning to pick it up, then its Clive's wedding.

Bleurgh - whats another couple of hours? I guess I'll see what I feel like in the morning - but its nice to be doing some simple hands-on stuff after a day of theorietical b***shit.

Almost time for bed thankfully.

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