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Whitby Diary

As threatened - the blow by blow account of the popping of my Whitby cherry...

Thursday 9:13pm

Have arrived, unloaded and co-op'ed. Now sitting here, feeling awful and planning on going down the pub as soon as boglin has put on her face. _mrx_ and jfs have been here for a while and had started to map the areas of mobile phone signal in the house. Near-fall-asleep on motorway averted by coffee and emergency Red Bull (threat of purchase worked and I didn't actually need to drink it...)

Friday 3:10pm

Currently sitting in the Metropole dreaming of sleep. Not because I drank too much last night(cos I didn't - some but not too much) but because I feel better this morning after a decent sleep - so I want another one! Last night was quite good fun - bumped into all sorts of people - some old, some new, some odd and only one who told me how good it is to be a rank 4 in the Vipers. Elephant Clitoris indeed.

Saturday 2:40am

In bed now after a chat with _mrx_ post-first night. Bands I heard were mixed. Last but one was poor, but scarybitches were fun. Rest of night seemed a bit flat tbh - but got 80's night tickets. boglin went home feeling unwell about 12, and jfs off with Sexbat to carry on partying. Sleep for me as part of recovery program.

Saturday 5:10pm

Have been to the Abbey this afternoon while looks lovely in the sunshine, and benefits from a new visitors' centre. Made a vague attempt to do the audio tour - but I managed to crash my handset... Took a few photos and we've planned to go to some other sites - maybe on Monday. Of course I didn't bring my membership card so I had to pay - but there are many worse ways to spend my money. Now back at the cottage considering having a nap...

Sunday 3:10am

Having eschewed the opportunity of a party with lots of unattainable lesbians I've left jfs, mr_flay and boglin in the lounge with the Cointreau and have gone to bed. Did tonight straight again but feeling more well every day - which is lucky for anyone who wants me to get to Omega. Bands tonight were better than last - but not feeling very self-confident. Not helped by clothes crisis (where did I leave that jacket?) however I did get described as dapper by one chap, and waistcoat/braces complimented by another. Tonight felt less subdued but looking forward to tomorrow.

Sunday 11:27am

Just woken up again after being roused from my sleep by the end of the lounge party at 5am - at which point I had discovered I'd been arranged painfully on my ear which was aching. Had a very strange dream where I was running interference on people to allow Mad Dave to win a great prize - which was to be gained after he solved a puzzle and tooched the FA Cup. As his prize he chose the ability to know, understand and manipulate peoples' dreams. Then I dreamt of some maths - quite lucidly - about calculating the position of an unknown planet. This was clearly the result of listening to Radio 4 the other day - but seems to have taken a couple of days to reach the front of the processing queue. Also realised the other item of clothing I've forgotten - but I think I can live without gloves.


Back from the 80s night which was a laugh as expected, and lovely to see Kat & Simon for it. Had literally a couple of drinks and a bit of a dance but now feel a little bit hollow - as if there is something I'm missing. Hopefully this will go away as I veer away from thinking too much and relax. Though it will take a long time for me to forgive the pussy for hogging all the attention - we had a deal damnit!

Monday 6:15pm

Recently returned from lovely picnic at Riveaulx Abbey, after following some tractors across the moors. lupercal and dreamfire did a lovely lunch which we ate on the ruins of the cloister. Returned past RAF Fylingdales and boglin shouted abuse at the solitary Peace Bus stopped up the road. Now there is much slobbing, reluctant planning of departure and half-enthusiastic talk of parties for this evening. What is annoying me however is the way my eye hurts. Obviously fumbling for the lens last night to take it out without a mirror was daft. Oh - and dreamfire said that the pussy probably got more attention than me was probably partly due to me looking too weird.

Tuesday 4:00pm

Arrived back in Birmingham. Today’s crisis was the loss of my phone. I couldn’t sleep - and was up at the crack of dawn and down to the beach to look for it - to no avail. The drive back was pleasant enough - leaving at a respectable 12:30pm - if a bit dull. Number 2 is demanding a LiveJournal of his own - which I’ve agreed to as long as boglin makes him a pirate outfit for BMovie. What type of monster have I created. Oh, and just to be clear - _mrx_ attached him to lampshade - not me...

Monday night remains a blur, involving Tapas, Red Wine, sexbat, Juliette and ingenue_the as well as the usual suspects. After a brief pop back to the Elsinore it was off to the beach for tomfoolery, losing of phone and watching jfs threaten violence before getting back home for 2am.

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