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Last Night...

... went a bit good-bad-good. Overall it was a thumbs-up but did have a dodgy patch.

Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of being completely blanked by my old boss. It was wonderful. After he had strode past myself and my new colleagues giggled about the whole situation, and the fact that he'd lied about why another person wasn't at the meeting. He said "She's ill" - which he would have gotten away with had I not known "She refused to come after he moved the time to the end of the day which messed up her creche arrangements."

Lying. Sometimes it's not worth it.

I've been reading over the past couple of days "No Logo" by Naomi Klein. Like a lot of activism philosophy it kinda inspired me to "go do something" - but luckily it wears off quickly.

In other news lupercal is going to make some calls over the next couple of days - and not only is he going to really get us into a positon where we have somewhere to live - but also August Bank Holiday entertainment.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow - I've hired a van to go to Colchester and maybe London to get "stuff" for the (as yet not there) house. This is ok in itself but only now do I realise how much I like a rear view mirror...

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