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I have seen the face of nu-metal...

... and it's short.

After a brief pop in on boglin to deliver a birthday G&T (1l Gin to 100ml Tonic is the right proportion isn't it?) where it was nice to see a happy boglin, mr_flay, eddy_ and tawdryfilth, it was off to XLs (Birmingham's premier cock-rawk venue) for my visit-of-the-decade.

Unsurprisingly this was a bit poor - though it has changed from the cock-rawk venue it was to some kind of homework club for the under 16s. It was nice for my cough to be in an environment where no-one was old enough to smoke, and I could clearly see the whole of the club over the heads of the average 5'0" punter. I wonder what it'll be like in my next visit which is due in 2010.

We left at about 2:30 (see maleficent we have some drinking past two) after dreamfire and lupercal had exhausted the not-nu-metal room (in the end it was them dancing, the DJ and a rather bored looking member of the bar staff) and pax_draconis had started warming up his laser beam eyes in his excitement to leave. dreamfire then proceeded to almost fall down the stairs in her enthusisasm to ransom her jacket - but then outside the amount of vodka (9 shots apparently) she's drunk emerged as the cause.

I've promised to be nice so I won't mention anything more. No really - see I'm learning discretion ;-)

pax_draconis is hammering on the window - so it must be time to be sociable.

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