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Stolen from miss_soap

20 years ago? I think about this time 20 years ago I was moving house. Not very far, but it was all new to me. I think I might also have had a broken wrist from falling out of a tree.

10 years ago? Coming up to A-Levels. Not doing a fat lot except watching rugby (rather than revising - I had no interest before or after) and looking forward to reinventing mysefl at University.

5 years ago? Living in Birmingham, working at the University. By this point I'd given up most of the vestiges of a social life, I'd given up the LRP that had dominated my life for the previous few years and was generally a ibt listless.

3 years ago? Working in Coventry, not doing anything remarkable. Had settled down into a lovely, comfy rut and wasn't really going anywhere. I think I had an open job offer at this point - but was waiting for something else to come up - which took until November.

1 year ago? Getting a bit bored in Coventry. Was just starting to spread my social wings a bit more, and to make efforts that I'd not for a while. It was almost like being young again.

Yesterday? Returned hire van, drove down M40. Got to work, rewrote some papers, went to lodgings. Played on 'net. Watched Angel 4.20 which was ace, and Lost in Space - to remind myself how bad it was. And it was... Almost bothered to start reading Dead Air, but didn't.

Tomorrow? Drive to Birmingham after a day of meetings. Catch up on post and put some letters in the post as required. Nothing hugely exciting eh!

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