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I didn't get enough sleep last night - after discussing sexbat's rock-and-roll lifestyle there was indulgence in a similar vein (though not to the exalted levels...) - I had about four and a half hours sleep before getting up, loading myself onto the fast-train to Euston and attempting to wake myself up with (yeurch!) Virgin Trains coffee.

This of course didn't work, and by Watford I was snoozing happily but fortunately woke up myself before we got in.

But, the real point of this entry is to talk about dreams - as I can remember mine from last night quit clearly - a Stargate-esque episode which revolved mainly around trying to get the right people through the bloody gate at the same time. I clearly remember Matt P and Mad Dave being involved, and having the odd feeling that Adrian was around in the background waiting to shiv somebody up.

On the way down this morning I was mainly musing/frothing gently about NWO - amused at how a throw-away comment that I made, and a brief moment of insecurity in Thebes is likely to make me need spare costume for Transylvania...

Oh - and ephraim - see if you can find "Home" by "The God Machine" for that chanting stuff from the Vast(?) track. I'm pretty sure its the same thing. You might find somebody is sharing it on Kazaa ;-)

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