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X-Men 2

See X-Men(cf)

Pretty much the same as the last one - just with less "screentime per-mutant". Loads of fanboy moments ("Look - it's Dr Hank McCoy being interviewed on TV in the back of the bar") and some nice make-up for Nightcrawler that I'll have to look into with GD in mind. In fact Nightcrawler had all the best moments, especially the first sequence.

More than that? Not a lot to add. Fine diversion for a Sunday morning and the toddler (just because it's a 12a doesn't mean you should bring it!) in the cinema was well behaved. It seemed to be full of lots of dads-plus-sons which I'm sure will keep them on the straight and narrow.

Trailiers were a mixed bunch. Some clearly toss american comedy (Adam Sandler - just say no!), Matrix Reloaded (See Matrix(cf)) and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which looked better than it has before - but still no obvious Steam Punk.

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