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Today was mostly dull. I went all the way to London to a rather dull seminar which didn't really teach me anything I didn't know.

What interests me is how I have this ability to cut through pseudo-techie bullshit and pick up the essence of stuff pretty easily.

However, then it just frustrates me when other people don't, and when I have to sit through the remaining 45 minutes of each talk.

Personally I swing wildly from extreme to extreme - sometimes I think it's all "Emperor's New Clothes" - simple concepts dressed up to appear difficult, complex and worthy; or whether I'm actually good at what I do.
(That's genuine mostly-rhetorical thinking btw - not for self-aggrandisement)

In other news, have just finished watching Soylent Green which is a contender for the quondam award for films without happy endings. I won't spoil it for those who don't know that "She's a bloke!" but worth a watch. It's on TV this coming Friday night late if you're an insomniac or have drunk too much expensive coffee while allegedly in meetings. I was reminded after having watched it of the wonderfully understated Harrison Bergeron which I came across on TV late one night and was very impressed by the script. Online text at http://penguinppc.org/~hollis/personal/bergeron.shtml, film info at http://uk.imdb.com/Title?0113264

Pagga is still being useful. A number of chaps have responded to my interest in the Nightcrawler make-up. I'm wondering whether it might be a nice way of defining the borders of Whisperer markings at GD, if it's remotely affordable.

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