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My name's Simon...

... and I'm an addict.

I hate dial-up. I really do. Yet here, for the sake of a couple of Easter Eggs I'm in Southampton (candidate for dullest city in the UK) with only dial-up for company. Bleurgh quite honestly!

Still, had a mediocre day at work which culminated in a good meeting (I talked, he pretended to listen) and it will be a chance to read up my GD downtime. The more I read it the better it gets but I have this urge to froth some more with yapman, sixtine, bellagrim and pax_draconis. Still, it can wait. And I do rawk ;-)

Hopefully out tomorrow with fishthecat and (if he emerges) lupercal. Until then I will suffer paying by the minute, and will consider getting broadband for the parental unit even though I only visit once in a blue moon.

Best go now and watch documentary on caddyman's fighter jets...
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