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... was fun as usual. Strangely the night where I've liked the most music (consistently) is probably either Edwards, or Gigantor in Edinburgh last weekend, but Intrustion is pretty close behind.

However, I discovered a number of things that one should and shouldn't do involving Aftershock, fizzy drinks and dancing energetically with low levels of fitness.

Still, I survived and it was lovely to see lupercal and fishthecat - and I think they even got on. deeteeuk promised (that's what I'm going to call it) lupercal and I could have a short slot at July's Intrusion to remind ourselves what DJing is all about, then we have a view we'll be back for more later :-) This led to much discussion of "You can play that, but I'm not going to be seen in the booth when you do...".

Beyond that, the projector really needs to be aimed at the centre of the cloth (offending senses of symmetry) and I clearly need to sort out accomodation at Whitby. Maybe if the naughtywhitecat and I both try we can sort something out painlessly.

I slept well after starting very sweatily (hmmm, PVC trousers) and dreamt about discovering my car had no brakes or respect for the laws of drag or friction - aaaaargh!

Work soon...

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