Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

This mornings proper musings are on my laptop - so until I can get those off here's a questionnaire.

From people...

1. Who was the last person you yelled at?

I can’t remember the last person I yelled at in spite, but other than that I find it all too easy to yell at people I don’t want to, in a casual way.

2. Who was the last person you kissed?


3. What was the last memorable book you read?

Memorable in that I can remember? Dead Air by Iain Banks. Didn’t grab me for the first half – but once it got up to speed had me snared.

4. When did you last dance?

Intrusion on Tuesday. I need to get fitter again.

5. What's the last thing you want to hear from your parents?

“You’re so like your brother…”

6. When did you last go for a walk?

Technically on Tuesday at Intrusion where I was overheating, so I went outside for a couple of minutes to walk/breathe.

7. When did you last do your ironing?

Wot? Maybe last September before Grand Design. I need to do my costume again for next w/e actually – but more to get the wax out than to make it flat.

8. When was the last time you smiled all day?

It doesn’t happen.

9. What color of socks do you normally wear?

Do you mean “Colour”? I don’t know what “Color” means. Black, Grey or the odd pair of Dark Blue for work, White for Sport.

10. Did you ever attend a private school?

Yes – all the way through.

11. Do you like stuffed animals?

Not especially like. I have a Teddy Bear I have a soft spot for, and of course there is naughtywhitecat, wherever he has got to…

12. Have you ever smashed pumpkins?


(What happened to 13?!)

14. Can you quote Shakespeare?

Bits of the populist stuff.

15. Do you like playing baseball?

It’s ok. Bit like rounders isn’t it?

16. Are you a neat freak?

God no. If I’ve got something else that needs to be done – then I get a bit that way…

17. What is the worst injury you have ever given someone?

Physically I almost broke Jon’s nose with a latex staff. When I was at school I teased a lad until he had some kind of anger-management-problem which I think was a worse “injury”.

18. Do you ever eat lemons plain?


19. Have you ever fired a gun?


20. Do you own any knee-high boots?


21. Do you have a crush on somebody?


22. Do you like swimming in lakes?

Don’t mind.

23. Have you ever streaked at a football game or any other public event?


24. What is you favorite gemstone?

No idea.

25. Have you gone on many blind dates?

Not “many”.

26. Has someone done something extra nice for you?


27. Did you have a crush on any of your teachers?

Not as such. My imagination did go some places though which I wish it hadn’t.

28. Have you ever been lost in a bad part of a city?


29. Would you rather have a mint or fruit flavored gum?


30. Do you have road rage?


32. Do you ever eat food right out of cans or jars?


33. Has your mind ever gone blank?

Yes. Mainly when I’m pretending to be in a conversation when I’m listening to others.

34. Have you ever met anyone interesting at the laundry mat?


(What happened to 35?!)

36. Are you kind?

I think so. But I try to hide it to keep away casual exploiters.

37. Would you give a needy person the shirt off your back?


38. Do you have any beanie babies?

Kinda – I think he has me.

39. Would you rather be hot or cold?


40. Is the glass half full, or empty?

In conversation – empty.

41. Do you exercise or work out regularly?

No. I’m out of the habit. Need to get back in it.

42. Could you kill if your life was threatened?

I’m not sure. I’m really not.

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