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Matrix Rehashed

Ok - this review might sound a bit bitter after having sat through 8 minutes of credits for a crappy 15 second teaser but still.

I wouldn't say it sucked, as there were still a number of "techincal" scenes where the fight scenes really rocked, but at no point was I grabbed, and the endless snogging really annoyed me. Still, if you've got the guts to stick milk-bottle tops to someone and get away with calling it a prosthetic go you!

Nice to see the loaders from Aliens making a reappearance, and some love interest for Morpheus (as long as she has a box to stand on), but the whole superman thing didn't do it for me.

Disappointed? Yes.

Aggravated that "My Industrial Matrix" has been replaced by a "Romantic Drum 'n Bass Stomp-fest"? Not really - just indifferent

Can I be more condemning...?
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