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This week I've mostly been sleeping...

Not quite sure why, but I think it's just my body going "Woh! Stop that. Get back in order".

On Sunday night I slept from 8:30 to 12, then from 12 to 5:45; yesterday from 11:30 to 8:30, and who knows what I'll be up to tonight - but I'm hoping to have enough energy to get on a "bloody early train" to London on Thurs, and to be able to survive on minimal sleep over the weekend. Then offer go again...

Yesterday was another dull seminar, and so like last weeks dull seminar I spent some time of it musing on LRP, and writing a suicide note, sorry IC letter, which was duly despatched last night with cries of "There's no point! She'll just zot you" from my supportive co-conspirators. Still, shy bairns and all that.

Today I'm already killing time and reminding myself what its like to have a boss who doesn't ever seem to make a decision.

Still, last night I did manage to have the "Erm, I realise I'm still living in your spare room months after I said I'd move out - is that ok?" with my quasi-landlord which went well, and yesterday I signed the "I would love to owe you vast sums of money for the next 25 years" form.

Oh - and I've been using this baggy-photo as an icon for longer than the rest of you :-P

Go go go! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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