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Job Interview

Hurrah! Letter recieved this morning inviting me to a job interview on Thrusday.

I'm not sure I want the job, but I should stand a good chance then at least it leaves me with options.

Planning to attempt to find Preston this evening to visit the P, and have lots of other things I promised myself I'd do today - however realistically it'll be surprising if I get past reassembling my other pooters. The impulse purchase of £130 of cables and netwok gear hasn't arrived yet so I might have to forget the idea of running cables to the upstairs spare room. Through the floor would be much quicker but it would make me so unpopular!!!

Harry Potter was good last night, even if my train back from Durham was an hour late. Thank god the new Virgin Trains have power sockets - I sat there listening to mp3s (all legal of course!), watching videos and playing games rather than twiddling my thumbs and trying to find interesting conversation.

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