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From a Newsletter I received at work

Thou shll nt....?

Picture the scene.... a venerable priest sits in quiet contemplation in the confessional, awaiting his next parishioner, when a series of high pitched beeps shatter the silence. Glancing down at the mobile phone resting on his be cassocked knee, he sees that he has received a message, which begins "4gv me fthr 4 I hve snd.....". We have heard very recently from Stephen Heppell about the value of messaging, and you may have read about concerns over the use of txt-msgs in Englsh tchng. In the Philippines, the Catholic Bishops Conference have spoken (presumably they used conventional methods) and have banned the use of text-messaging for the making of confessions. According to the secretary general, Hernando Coronel, the practice of confessing by text had caught on quite recently, but it was "unacceptable". He added that Catholic priests are also now prohibited from granting absolution for a confessant's sins using email, text or fax.

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