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Had a fun night last night learning, amongst other things, that Oxford has its fair share of comics/film geeks...

Also, have just remembered that I dreamt of a Cheese and Coleslaw sandwich last night. It was out of date, but I might have to get an in-date one for lunch.

Number of notes to self however:
  • Newcastle Brown is not nice, however it gets me pissed quick.

  • Refrain from drinking alcopops when you're trying to impress someone. They're girlie drinks...

  • Without starters and desserts two people can eat out for £20 in a restaurant.

  • Breaking in contact lenses does not mean wearing them from 6am to 1:30am on day three.

  • Getting up in the morning is overrated, but necessary.

And LJ just stopped me answering the clothes quiz for dreamfire. Damn thing.

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