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Think cheery thoughts...

Last night, for the first time in a while I got on my bike and road down the park to meet up with some of "The Lads" (TM) for a game of football. The turn-out was a little lower than I'd hoped - "Kung-Fu" Berresford was away, depriving us all of his flying kick antics, though "Chopper" Thomspson and "C*ntbubble" Waterhouse (What this man doesn't know about expletives...) were on hand. We played for about an hour, the last 55 minutes of which I spent panting and attempting to breathe - though at only one point did I feel like I was going to collapse and suffocate so it can't all be that bad. I got very confused at one point when people kept shouting at "Time" at me when I got the ball - I looked around, forgot about the ball - then realised that rather than a US style break they were trying to help... It was like being back at school where I was more often than not the last one to be picked.

We lost the match, thanks mainly to my stirling efforts while in goal to let in a couple to keep things competitive, before I contemplated the cycle home. I had to wrestle for 5 minutes with the strap on my cycle helmet, allowing me to catch my breath and chat with one of the opposition before they strolled off to the pub. We started chatting about cycling and I was reminded that my cycle helmet is apparently useless for collisions over 12mph - and as a result I accepted there was a high risk of dying in any accident. He countered, very casually, with how much worse he thought permanent paralysis would be. He then wandered off - leaving me cheered up no end about my chances.

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